A workaround for Twitter's Search-API limitations: Using the Twitter Websearch and Facepager

Posted on Fr 27 November 2015 in misc • Tagged with Facepager, Twitter, JavaScript

Twitter Websearch and Facepager

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Custom-Domains and GitHub-Pages: Configuration for checkdomain.de

Posted on Mo 21 September 2015 in Blog • Tagged with GitHub, Hosting

Hosting GitHub-Pages and custom-domains using checkdomain.de

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Facepager - What it is, what it's not

Posted on Di 01 September 2015 in Blog • Tagged with Facepager

Notes on the design & limitations of the Facepager

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Facepager and the YouTube API v3 - a quick tutorial

Posted on Mo 01 Juni 2015 in Blog

Quick tutorial for the YouTube APIv3 using Facepager

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Closures in R and Python

Posted on So 05 April 2015 in Blog • Tagged with Python, R, Programming

Difference between Closures in Python and R

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Twitter "Diversity" Dataset and Python's Pandas Time Series Introduction

Posted on Di 06 Mai 2014 in misc • Tagged with Python, Pandas, Twitter, Reproducible

Open-Data Analysis with Pandas

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User-Agents and URL-Resolvers

Posted on Di 03 Dezember 2013 in Blog

Caveats of Useragents & WebScraping

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YouTube-Kanäle von deutschen Parteien

Posted on Mi 27 November 2013 in Blog • Tagged with YouTube, Bundestagswahl, DFG

YouTube.Kanäle deutscher Parteien

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Sampling YouTube-Clips from Twitter

Posted on Di 27 November 2012 in Blog

Sampling YouTube-Clips from the Twitter-API

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YouTube Language-Detection

Posted on Di 27 November 2012 in Blog • Tagged with YouTube, R, Python

Language detection on YouTube by video-titles & summaries

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Crowdsourcing und Sampling auf Twitter

Posted on Mo 23 Juli 2012 in Blog • Tagged with YouTube, Twitter, Bots

Sampling on YouTube via Twitter

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